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A friendship that has expired

The last few days have been intense. We have just entered Mercury retrograde which lasts until 21. February. We have an average of Mercury retrograde three times a year.

For those of you who have no idea about astrology or what Mercury retrograde means, it means that there are more frequent delays in, for example traffic these days. It is also easier to be misunderstood and not least to misunderstand others. People from the past tend to show up and before you know it, and then you stumbled upon your ex on the street or he / she suddenly contacts you.

Retrograde means "going back", so that is what we are doing to a greater or lesser degree now and we are all affected by it.

(Tip: you should take an extra backup now on your mobile, tablet and PC.)

We also had a full moon just before the weekend.

As a highly sensitive person, I notice it very well on my body and mind. My emotions tend to boil over more.

I notice that there is considerably more drama at home and in society in general and I myself find it easier to resort to tears. A collection of emotions that need to be vented.

Not only am I highly sensitive, but so is my boyfriend. It ended with more fights at the weekend. Fortunately, we are very good at talking about it afterwards and sort it out quickly as we are both good at reflecting on what happened. If the other person makes a mistake, or steps over the line, we always say sorry to the other one.

On top of that, a friendship also went to pieces.

Right now I'm more angry than grieving.

I will not go into the incident, but I am left with the feeling of being very offended (it is a thing to make fun of those who feel offended these days, and I really understand why, but in this case there is reason why I am!)

The person is not willing to clarify or go to the bottom of my intentions. Just guessing the worst and the only thing I intended was to help. Clearly my help was not wanted and I have accepted that not everyone wants my help, but still I think that when you are basically good friends, then you should at least understand that the other wants you the best and at least give me the respect of listening and not just going to conclusions and attacking me too and then going into a victim role.

I've got tired of walking on eggshells and being neglected. To me, it is incomprehensible that one should have so much disgust for something that has sincerely made me better when it comes to my health. Thought one would be more curious and not least have a more open mind for what makes me better. Oh well. I have unfortunately experienced a lot of resistance and I understand that it is basically about xenophobia.

I have made that decision now and I still stand very firmly on that decision to pull the plugs from this friendship.

We have slipped more apart for some years, but it hurts incredibly when such a long friendship ends. The person knows very well what I have been through and some of the worst I know is to be misunderstood!

Maybe sometime in the future we can have contact, but we are better apart now.

I have at least tried to reach out a hand, and fortunately I will not be left in the future with a bad conscience and that I never tried. That is for sure.

- Kristina

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