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My first art exhibition - Canceled again!

Me and several other Norwegian artists who have taken the same educational as myself from The Florence Academy of Art, were to gather this year for a unique exhibition in Jessheim. We had agreed that each of us would exhibit five pictures each.

Unfortunately we received the news that for the second year in a row, it has been canceled! We had the green lights, before we got the sudden message that it`s not possible, due to the Corona situation.

I was not shocked by the news, when a new wave started a short time ago, but one had hoped that it would still be possible - but that's life now. You can generally plan as much as you want, but in these times, plans are virtually put on hold.

There will be no exhibition on April 10th this year. We talked about maybe trying again in the autumn, but the decision is that we will try again in a year.

In a way, it is a good thing that the exhibition was canceled. because now we get even more time to draw and paint. And until then, I have also been a student and studied with master Odd Nerdrum.

It will take place over the summer. I'm looking forward to it.

Wish me luck!

- Kristina

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