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Quarantine Girl

I have previously written a post, where I wrote that there was a lot I had to sort out now that I am home. I have already taken action in many of the things that I had to deal with. Among other things, I also received some unexpected messages from something called Nav in Norway. "The Labor and Welfare Administration", at the beginning of the week, which has created more stress for my head. Fortunately, I have a wonderful GP who helps me with that.

I visited my GP on Tuesday where we talked about just Nav and about what I am capable of further etc… But little did I know then, that my doctor was infected with the Corona virus.

Wednesday night, I received a phone call from an unknown number that turned out to be from the municipality that I was now quarantined, because an employee had the virus and they suspected that it was the most contagious and mutated variant of the Corona virus.

They then confirmed that it was my doctor.

I took a test yesterday, which resulted in a pretty strong reaction. My body tends to react to both blood tests. and other type of tests. Yes you name it (...blaming my mom's genes, as she has struggled with the same type of reactions), but little did I know that this time I would get such an extreme reaction that I fainted. Something that has never happened to me before.

My dear cousin who I also live with when I am at home in Tromsø (who is also now in quarantine with me), was the person who drove me for the test and witnessed me faint in the car when I got back in again.

I felt a big reaction in my body and that everything suddenly turned completely black. The adrenaline took off in my body. I have always before, managed to recover so that I just do not faint, but this time it was too much for me!

When I started to come back to myself, I thought I had been gone for only a few seconds, but well, I was gone much longer than that. My cousin said I was gone for about 1 minute. My hearing, disappeared and gradually returned, when my consciousness returned.

The car ride home took about 25 min, but the ride was anything but a pleasant one. I wanted to throw up, go to the bathroom, take off my clothes. It felt like my body was about to burn up.

“Damn it if I get Corona virus now! ”

A large panic came over me. Everything became so very real.

I have otherwise been waiting for an answer all day whether I have the virus or not, but still no answer on my test.

Now I just hope that everything has gone well and that the test is negative! I have no gut feeling that I have the virus.

My doctor and I had a face mask on us as well.

Life is really ironic. You dont go to your doctor to get sick exactly. Haha.

But having said that, everyone in my doctor's office had been vaccinated, so no one can know that they have the infection with them either.

Now I just hope everything is fine with my poor doctor.

My life in a nutshell you guys.


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